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"An apple a day keeps the art block at bay."
that's maybe the most egregious lie i've ever written down. i wanted to make a thread to share and i needed a snappy tagline for the top. :X hello, this is my introductory paragraph. i'll make this intro post pretty later, i promise. (spoiler: lying again) i'm another hobbyist among many who needed somewhere to post all the random pokemon doodles where they might actually make sense. so hi! i do almost exclusively digital drawing but sometimes i mess around with acrylic paint -- we'll see if any of THOSE turn out good enough to post up lolol.

i'm a big fan of process stages so you may see some posts that go sketch -> ink -> flats -> final render just for giggles.

there's a small archive of older pieces sitting at the bottom of this. i'll probably retire it after the thread is robust enough with new things to stand on its own. for now, enjoy a look at some of my experimental 'how do i draw in my style and still make this look like a pokemon?' doodles.

(all of these are quite out of date but i need at least 3 arts to start the thread and these ones don't bring shame to my family name)

(yes, i still keep neopets. i told you i was old.)

PERSONAL ART REQUESTS: fire away but my free time is a lil limited
- you're free to ask for small, personal things only. please PM me.
- i define 'small personal things' as a simple request for your own use/collection. EX: 'a scorbunny in a [color/pattern] bandana'
- i make no promises that i'll be able to do it in a timely (1-2 days) manner. i am an old lady and i work long hours so most of the week i don't have a lot of time with my tablet!

- might change someday but for now i don't have the time & don't plan to open them.
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Kaiju Bunny

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Absolutely love these pieces. The detail you put into that froslass alone blows my mind, mate :psytear:

If I may, I'm seeing a pretty eye-catching combination of softer and sharper shading in that froslass; if it's appropriate, could I ask how you go about it and what brushes you use for it? :o Looking forward to seeing more pieces from you, and welcome to Smeargle's Studio! :D
Absolutely love these pieces. The detail you put into that froslass alone blows my mind, mate :psytear:

If I may, I'm seeing a pretty eye-catching combination of softer and sharper shading in that froslass; if it's appropriate, could I ask how you go about it and what brushes you use for it? :o Looking forward to seeing more pieces from you, and welcome to Smeargle's Studio! :D
ahhhh thank you!

so like... i use SAI2, idk if you're familiar with it cuz SAI kind of died out when CSP came on the scene jdhskjhds.

for the large soft areas like her arms/body i usually isolate that section with the lasso tool and use the airbrush

for the smaller ones like on her face i use the pencil and just block it in with cel shading and then use the water brush to blend in the edges to create softer contours. the reflected light highlights along the edges are also pencil tool. (edit to add: you can combine this w the airbrush as well and i did on the skull, just lasso'd out some cutouts for the cheeks/beak area and blended.)

for the in-betweens like in her horns / the shadow of the sleeve & stem i use the marker tool. for something like this that's really starkly defined i use it on its own layer to reduce blending, but you can use it on a layer w color to be softer. the marker is also what i used on the eyelid & ribbon highlights as it's a lil less sharp.

for stuff like the ice it's just a layering of multiples of these to produce the kind of transparent effect :U so i'll do a base shadow layer with the airbrush, then darker shadows with the marker tool, then a highlight layer with the airbrush, then addl. highlights with the pencil.

to REALLY make the ice pop i did an additional airbrush layer with screen and made sure my reflected light highlights ate into the inked lines bc it adds dimension.

to kind of unify everything at the end i usually do an overlay or darken layer (depends on what effect i want; in this case i used overlay) and throw some gradients. like in this one i went cyan blue in upper left to vibrant purple in bottom right.

srry for the text wall ahaha i just dunno how familiar the average person is with sai2 anymore!!!

My entry for round 15 of YNMT!!!

I was so hype to get this set. Fairy & ghost types, to me, are 2 sides of the same coin--for every cute mon like sylveon you've got something preternatural like mimikyu. Idk, I'm just big into the "fairy types as fae" concept where things have their own rules. You don't walk into a ring of mushrooms, and w/ this entry you don't go swimming near the bones of things long dead.
So right before October landed my ancient galaxy 9s+ died and I swapped it out for a note20 ultra that came with a fancy stylus and better touchscreen.

I figured inktober was as good a way as any to get myself used to drawing on it, since that was kind of the whole point in spending 1200$ on a pocket tablet.

Missed day 1 because of work. Will def miss other days for the same reason.

Hey! Just stopping by the thread to let you know you're an approved artist now. All this really changes is that you'll be able to contribute to places like smogon's flying press and social media art if you ever want to, you can find some info on it here. Most notably you can now see a subforum called "Media HQ" under the Flying Press section. Feel free to check it out if you're interested!

If you're unsure about anything or have some questions, feel free to throw me a PM on the forums or over at discord :blobwizard:


wouldn't that be fine, dear
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I'm usually too shy to comment on art threads but wowowow you're super good!! Mainly wanted to stop by and say that the neopet in your op (I wanna say they're a faerie draik but it's been so long...) unlocked a whole host of memories lol. I'm definitely gonna watch this thread, I love your style a lot. keep it up!!!
work has had me super busy and in my offtime obv i've been playing BDSP like everyone else ahahahahahahah.,,,,

here have a warmup since i have a short list of commissions i'm doing as xmas gifts for different ppl
they brought back my giraffe!!!!



i like shiny girafarig so much bc the blue makes me think of a glass sculpture... so ofc i'm gonna use it as an excuse to do it super shiny.
since the last post i made i have transitioned fully to Clip Studio Paint, which has had a noticeable improvement on the quality of my art because it's just a much more robust program. highly recommend. i've also been doing a LOT of work to get more comfortable with thinner lineart, something that was definitely hindered by SAI's brush engine.

sticker / PFP for a thing:

This whole set was sketched by Ciran for the Wi-Fi room's Valentines Day OGA on PS. i just colored them:

she also did the sketches for these, which were done for Wi-Fi's sooper special Wi-Fight event:
this was a fun excuse to play with a bunch of different styles.

[announcer voice: BUT THERE'S MORE!]

this was a gift for WigglyTree for helping me out with something. ;w;
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'apples why are you making a post for a single 48 x 48 image?'

because this is the most fun i've had in awhile

- - >
- - >
- - >

my 1st ever sprite attempt -- gen 2 appletun.

edit: added a few details. still unsure what 'too much' looks like. we'll see if i'm compelled to keep tweaking it q3q

edit2: went ahead and made a fully palette-compliant one but it turned shiny in the process lmao

edit3: another day and i was unable to leave well enough alone so here's take 3
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yes more sprites

i think tatsugiri might actually be TOO simple, almost? as weird as that sounds. my current familiarity with the style means i cant really hide any of the flaws behind shading with these lmfao

also i couldnt figure out how to make stretchy work in a 48x48 square.

droopy definitely came out better than curly. :thinking:
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these are rough enough that i debated posting them but yknow what lets do it.

roommate wanted a custom fakemon design for her birthday this year based on an IRL pet goat so
introducing Cashmini and Ramgora

eta: this was probably my last attempt at mingling my style with sugimori's tbh, i just don't like the results as much as i used to.
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non-pokemon related doodles from before/during my brief hiatus due to IRL shenaniganry

banner for my commission carrd. has not been added yet because i've been both busy and lazy

portrait of one of our IRL goats for my roommate |D
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